11 7 / 2014


Game Of War Fire Age Hack Tool is a unique software that will bring you unlimited resources in no time. Game of War: Fire Age is a revolutionary free-to-play MMO developed by Machine Zone (creators of Global War, iMob, and Original Gangstaz and other great mobile games). The game is a truly social experience that leverages your ability to manage resources while working with an alliance of other live players to carve out a territory and control the world! You are armed with only a city, hero, and desire for conquest, and thrown into a massive world where players challenge each other for overall global supremacy. Game of War: Fire Age blends genres and delivers a great board-game style feel with RTS (real-time strategy) and MMO elements.

Game of War Fire Age Trainer is able to generate unlimited Gold, Chips, Stone, Wood, One and Silver. You can use it for any platform like Android and iOS. We give our users daily updates because we like to add new cool features everyday, just check our site as often as you can.
Our tool has implemented the latest Anti-Ban feature, with newest technology available. Our team created for you an easy and interative interface, so anyone can use it.

Game of War Fire Age Cheats Features list:

  • Unlimited Gold.
  • Unlimited Chip.
  • Unlimited Stone.
  • Unlimited Wood.
  • Unlimited Ore.
  • Unlimited Silver.
  • Latest Anti-Ban feature.
  • Working for Android and iOS devices.
  • No need of rooting.
  • Daily updates (Just check our site).
  • Easy to use and interactive interface.

How to use our software:

  1. Download Game of War Fire Age Hack from below.
  2. Install and open the software.
  3. Connect your device via USB.
  4. Choose your device platform and click Connect!
  5. Check for any updates (Strongly recommended).
  6. Select your desired resources and also the amount.
  7. Click Hack button and wait 20-30 seconds (This time depends on how many resources type you have selected).
  8. After Done! message will apear, disconnect the device from PC and run the game.
  9. Happy playing!

As the commander of a growing Greco-Roman city, you are tasked with the acquisition of new resources in order to construct buildings and train troops for your eventual ascent to kinghood.

Your ultimate goal is to capture and control the Wonder at the center of the kingdom This allowing you as king, to levy taxes on all other players and hand out buffs/debuffs to your allies and enemies. Once you are king, you control all within your realm…but beware! There are many beneath you who would see you dethroned and destroyed.